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Ghost Towns of the East Series





Episode 1: History Whispers

Two adventure hunters uncover a ghost town settlement from the 1800's. The team uses found artifacts and their skill to re-construct what the homesteads would have looked like. They also re-imagine what life would have been like.






Episode 2: The Long Road

After discovering a large ghost town neighborhood with many finds, the adventurers encounter extreme danger while traveling. Will they make it out of the woods or will they become a part of history?






Episode 3: Life's Remains

Searching for the unknown leads to hollowed land with suspenseful discoveries and civil war artifacts under a cloud of mystery.








Episode 4: A Page in History

Surprising clues in a research book leads the team to desolate areas in search of secret buried caches. Frank and John scour the foundations and settlement in an old resort town from over a century ago.








Episode 5: The Final Settlement

The culmination of a great search for buried treasure leads the team to one of the most eerie sites they have ever encountered. There, they uncover on of the most shocking discoveries yet.







The March to Fort Bull Series



Episode 6: The Journey Begins

The team endures severe weather conditions as they begin their 100 mile trek to follow in the 1756 footsteps of a French Lieutenant and his 300 troops during the French & Indian War.


Episode 7: Envision the Life

Troop survival techniques are examined, the might falls divide and the team faces a crushing setback that could jeopardize the entire journey.


Episode 8: Facing the Truth

With troops starvation and desertion in the frigid weather conditions, the team brings viewers inside the mind of the fearless Frech Lieutenant as he confronts his fears the night before battle.

Episode 9: The Fierce Battle

The culmination of over 100 mile journey brings the team to the gruesome massacre at Fort Bull during the French & Indian War. The team envisions the bloody chain of events and thrilling reconstructions bring this 1756 battle back to life.



Mysteries Uncovered Series




Episode 10: Connetion to Tragedy

Using metal detectors, the team converges on a 19th century Ghost Town with fellow adventurers as they search over 100 acres for clues. Suddenly, somthing goes wrong; and then a facinaging connection leads the team to one of the nations most tragic events.


Episode 11: A 1500's Discovery

The team explores a French & Indian War encampement. As they discover clues to the past, one of the adventurers unearths a rare piece of history.





Logging Camps of the 19th Century Series




Episode 12: A Harsh Existence

They were lumberjacks who lived and worked year round in extreme conditions. Now, their struggles are brough back to life. The team brings in a logging expert and together they discover what life was like in one of these logging camps.



Episode 13: The Fire Consumes

While investigating and reconstructiong a logging camp of the 19th century, the team discovers the burnt remains of a once thriving camp.

*All metal detecting was conducted on private property with the permission of land and property owners.


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