About Exploring History's Treasures TV Series


Exploring History’s Treasures is a dynamic, action packed TV series that combines adventure, history, metal detecting and the great outdoors!

Host Frank Pandozzi and side-kick John Decharo create groundberaking television for all history buffs, adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The team unlocks history as they discover century old ghost towns, explore French and Indian war sites, revolution war battles and more. History is brough back to life with thrilling reconstruction and visualizations.


Remembering Our Friend and Fellow Adventurer John Decharo.

John Decharo 1949-2016

John was a member of the United States Air Force and loved the outdoors. Family, friends, and even strangers could count on him for any help that was needed. Even during his illness, others’ needs came before his own. The most important part of John’s life was his family,including his wife, children and beloved grandchildren. He will be greatly missed but his impact will live on forever. Next time you're in the woods or in nature, take a moment and remember our friend John.



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